So, finally my first new resume was sent out to an island retreat in order to set my next dream in motion…to live and work in paradise on a tropical Caribbean Island. The picture above is of Mustique; now this island is paradise. Its strange to feel like a different person than the person I have known all of these years. I guess these things change with time. I can see myself smiling and walking with a buoyancy in my step to greet guests visiting a paradise island. In my mind, I’m thinking, aren’t I lucky, I actually live here. No more NYC subways, dirt, noise and crowds. Over the years traveling to beautiful places particularly to beaches, I have wondered… how is it to live in paradise all of the time? Finally I’m ready to just live and breathe. I’ll help others to live and breathe during their visit and I’ll wake up smiling … so today I send to the universe, God, all of my spirit guides…please direct me to my divine paradise the next phase of my human life where I can use the skills you have given me and help others live paradise even if just for a week. In the spirit of Thanksgiving…thank you for giving me the guts to try and the guts to dream big.