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With a new year just beginning, it seems to me most people are afraid to live their deepest desire, their dreams. Sometimes its because of life circumstances and sometimes its because they believe others or I guess they forget who they are….

I was listening to Wayne Dyer today and he said be willing to die while you are alive. It struck a cord with me because I feel as though this has happened. I feel as though I died and I’m birthing into something else the third part of my life the last phase as I see it. The first almost 50 years were spent mostly in show biz in some fashion. I figure the next 25 years or so I would like to be living on the beach and working in events planning for part of it and part of it I’d like to have some books under my belt… written, published and enjoyed. I kept feeling it was sad that I felt dead but today I felt that perhaps it was something to celebrate as if birthing a new idea, a new life, a beautiful flower. Or I am remembering my true nature and living it. The past is the past so creating a new me has been at times daunting but I keep seeing myself waking up to the waves of the ocean and wearing sundresses walking the beach everyday not believing that I achieved the dream. Then I did a Chopra meditation “Who am I?” He said “I am my deepest desire” hmmmm well then I am a dreamer, a creator and I hope an inspiration to others to live their dreams. After all what is life if we don’t have dreams…my whole life has been about going for my dreams, collecting moments where you are so in the moment that you are the moment. I’m looking to collect more of those moments this year instead of watching myself in a moment. I want to wake up thinking I set this intention in motion and I achieved it because it was my deepest desire. Setting in motion….from this NYC rooftop to New Years eve 2014 I will be doing this same pose on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean working, dreaming and playing with a flow of prosperity with which I have divinely aligned.



I went to a gong meditation this past Friday to set an intention for the newmoon. I didnt know what to expect but a friend recommended it. Emily Horowitz and Lucy Child in NYC hold the meditation and play the gongs, and such and sing too. It was absolutely beautiful. The gongs resonate through your soul. At first it was hard to quiet my mind from the nagging thoughts. But I went in and out of being able to meditate and thinking of troubles. When I could get in the gap, I managed to feel God.The beauty, the love are powerful and it brings tears to my eyes.  I just kept saying oh dear Lord, oh dear Lord…. and this little sentence kept running through my mind… it seemed to run through my stream of consciousness. The gong sounds were so comforting and I could have lied there all night within the gongs and such. Some of the Gongs were so loud but not loud to startle you , they felt powerful, like a powerful presence; I say it was God from within, in my heart. As it was, an hour and a half flew by. They asked us to set an intention and then let it go for the newmoon. Well at this moment its more money and a place on the beach to live. It all seems possible within the gongs and also the infinite power of possibility.

 I’m also doing another Chopra 21day meditation challenge With all of these tools I hope to be guided to my next step in living in the warmth of the Caribbean.

 A Channeler I know sends a message from the Archangel Michael every Monday. This particular message really resonated with me because I have always been someone who goes beyond myself to attain things…pushes so very hard. Id like to achieve this….Diana sent from Michael

 “The maximum growth can be attained by minimum effort. Keep looking for the direction your soul wishes to take you and follow it. God Bless You.”

Hmmm…wouldn’t that be a newfangled thing to do. I shall try this.

Thank you Gong Ladies, God, Michael and all of my guides for answers come everyday.

Porto Fino, a magical place I visited, some time ago.