About two months ago I hosted the 5 Archangels for the second time. The ritual has been going around the internet via friends for a while now. Its quite a lovely ritual where you invite Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron and Uriel into your home for 5 days. Well this time when they arrived I was quite stressed about a few things in my life but as soon as they arrived I felt as if hands were on my center, as if to calm me. While they were in my apartment I said prayers and asked them to follow me to work. But the most wonderful things happened after they left. As part of the ritual you write on a piece of paper 3 wishes- 1 for your family 1 for the universe and 1 for yourself then you burn the paper and send it off into the ethers. Well, since I’m searching for new job opportunities, I focused on that. But the funny thing that happened is the opportunities came to me from the most unusual places. People found me through a website that I had posted a picture and resume on many years ago at least 5 years ago. I ended up having the most wonderful audition for a fabulous job as a guest host on QVC for a skin care product. Other agents contacted me out of the blue and I auditioned for TV shows and all sorts of things. The opportunities I thought I would get never came so I took it as some kind of a sign. Perhaps there’s a different way to end up spending a lot of time on the beach in the tropics….hmmm we’ll see…

I also attended another gong meditation…boy do I love these meditations…so powerful…so soothing at the same time. http://www.sacredsoundtribe.com/Gatherings.html  If you’re in NYC check it out.

I have even been visited again by a boyfriend who past on to the spirit world a few years ago…he’s come to me in spirit a few times now…it seems all of my spiritual work is bringing me closer to the spirit world in general…it seems he wants me to know I’m not alone, that he’s helping me and to be patient…that’s all I can surmise from his visits but it sure is nice to know I’m developing my abilities.

Easter was lovely a beautiful service at St Malachy’s in the theater district…so many prayers were made and a very sweet prayer for “The Entertainers who touch so many” then off to assist my friend and Japanese Doctor of Holistic medicine Dr Kazuko with getting the word out about a very interesting Holistic Health Conference being held in Cuba June 4-11 2014. here’s the info https://www.facebook.com/events/256059637913220/