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So, finally my first new resume was sent out to an island retreat in order to set my next dream in motion…to live and work in paradise on a tropical Caribbean Island. The picture above is of Mustique; now this island is paradise. Its strange to feel like a different person than the person I have known all of these years. I guess these things change with time. I can see myself smiling and walking with a buoyancy in my step to greet guests visiting a paradise island. In my mind, I’m thinking, aren’t I lucky, I actually live here. No more NYC subways, dirt, noise and crowds. Over the years traveling to beautiful places particularly to beaches, I have wondered… how is it to live in paradise all of the time? Finally I’m ready to just live and breathe. I’ll help others to live and breathe during their visit and I’ll wake up smiling … so today I send to the universe, God, all of my spirit guides…please direct me to my divine paradise the next phase of my human life where I can use the skills you have given me and help others live paradise even if just for a week. In the spirit of Thanksgiving…thank you for giving me the guts to try and the guts to dream big.


A dear friend gave me a most wonderful book a couple of months ago right before I took a little trip to St Croix. I was needing major downtime from NYC and from life in general. I needed to collect my thoughts and start manifesting my next venture in life. So “The Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn” came into my realm at the most perfect time. Why of course it did, the universe and God knew I needed to practice all of the ideas intentions and subconscious shifting. I would say immediately I was shown examples of the principles working. There I was sitting on a beautiful beach right outside my hotel room with the Caribbean breezes blowing, palm trees swaying watching the waves rolling in and never wanting any of it to end. I was addicted. I fell asleep early and awoke at 6am every morning not being able to wait to see the ocean and hear the waves. It was as if I was taking some kind of medicine but definitely a holistic medicine and I certainly couldn’t get enough. I never tired of the view; I felt what living in the now feels like. With this view, warmth, breeze, how could I tire of such beauty and peacefulness. IMG_0807The main principal I’m working on is prosperity. So the phone rings for work while I’m on the beach. The casting director says the director of a Miley Cirus music video is interested in me can I send more photos. Well, I’m in the Caribbean and won’t be home for the shoot in time. So I thought wow, there’s something to this. “I have wonderful work, in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service, for wonderful pay!” I started using an image that Florence suggested….I imagined my purse was over flowing with cash,  20 dollar bills falling out, $100 dollar bills falling out, checks and it just kept filling up. She said you have to test your faith by doing something physical. So I decided to go have lunch at a fancy resort I wanted to check out. The Buccaneer was a cab ride away and I figured I could spend the day there, get another cab to the airport and then while in San Juan for a layover, I’d get another cab to Isla Verde for dinner. I definitely spent money I was afraid to spend but much to my surprise, I got 7 days straight of work when I returned to NY and friends needed to stay in my apt as well helping me to recoup all of the money I spent on my trip. I also found it interesting that Florence spoke of practicing with the smaller examples first. I’ve certainly been practicing with the smaller miracles for awhile now and in the past I was doing it without realizing it. Now the metaphysical work was part of my every day. I say one or many of these phrases in order to shift my subconscious. It would take some work to change the old broken records found in the subconscious. I am so grateful my friend gave me this wonderful book. It’s a huge blessing. With expectancy, I’m looking forward to writing about a big example of this work.

Last night I dreamed all night of living and working on one of two islands a private island in  the Xumas called Leaf Cay in the Bahamas or Grand Cayman. I haven’t been to either but I’ve been watching Island Hunters and International House Hunters on HGTV which puts the intentions into my consciousness, subconscious and helps me to manifest this kind of lifestyle. So I am playing the game of life. I give faith in God “My supply comes from God and big happy financial surprises come to me, under grace, in perfect ways”


Through this blog, I’d like to explore What is Love?, continue to develop my spiritual knowledge, strength, center, clarity, inner buddha, connection to God, angels and my spirit guides.

What is love? runs through my mind. I think there are many types of love. But  themes come to mind …Love is truth, it endures, its magical, it’s why we are here as spiritual beings borrowing human flesh, a body, to grow as spirits on the earth plane for a short while and then go back to spirit.

Recently,  after summer solstice the longest day of the year during the height of the ‘supermoon’ when the moon was at its fullest and closest to the earth for the year during the early hours of Sunday morning around 1:30 am or 2am I experienced the strongest feeling and sense of love I have ever felt. I awoke for no apparent reason got up from bed and sat on the floor in the middle of my bedroom. I was vibrating, I felt the presence of God’s love radiating through my body and imparting an inner knowledge that this all-encompassing energy loved me and walked with me always, always walked with me no matter what. I knew that what I was currently doing in life was not what I wanted to do anymore. It was so clear. I was managing a foreign recording artist and had just spent almost a year of my life producing his first US tour. It was a huge challenge and what I really needed to know was could I do it? Could I do something almost impossible. Well the answer was yes. I did it with the help of my guides and God. Every time I ran into a road block, I asked  God and my spirit guides for help and I always got an answer or a new way to approach things and a door would open. But, as I sat on the floor, I knew I did not have to prove anything, I did not have to lead such a difficult life, and I did not have to have my dreams attached to anyone or anything.   I did not want my life to be so difficult, I didn’t want to feel as uncomfortable in my own skin as I had become. I was used to working with the utmost professionals since I was very young who knew how lucky anyone was to get a chance to be paid to perform anywhere. I was around grateful people who had a family spirit for the theater and a work ethic like no other. My ultimate dream has been and is to live on the beach. I would like to be around the crazy pace of the city and the Type A energy only when I needed a dose of it. So why did I choose a now seemingly round about way to get to the beach? I guess the dream of a condo or small home seemed so far out of my reach. But why? Why was I able to create a tour for a no name foreign artist but not find a way to get my dream home on the beach. I love to write and always have, sharing my experiences and stories comes natural for me….so now I finally begin a blog…finally…just doing something so natural, so natural like walking or dancing for me, sharing a story, an experience or an inspiring quote from a favorite guru.

I’m touched by this pure love I felt during the ‘supermoon’,vibrating, as if sitting on the Buddha’s little lotus flower speaking my truth. I don’t want to manage this artist. It’s not right for me. It was so clear. I want to live on the beach in harmony. I also said to my friend, who was with me not really understanding what was going on….”I need to be alone so that I can convene with God and my spirit guides.” “The spirits don’t come to me unless I am alone, I need to sit with them. It’s very important.” I have always liked being alone when I was a child, I never felt lonely, I played alone sometimes even though I had two sisters and many friends, I was thinking, dreaming, and making arts and crafts for hours. It was meditative and restorative. Instinctually, I just did this. Now in this day and age we say one should take 10-15 minutes a day to meditate, take time to do nothing etc. Well, I think a much longer time is far better for the soul.

So, now my spiritual journey to the beach begins….  Supermoon